Fire Clay Brick with Dense Bulk Density

Product description of fire clay bricks Fire clay bricks (including shale and coal residues) are the main raw materials, which are processed, formalized, dried and roasted. Clay brick, also called agglomerated brick, is a small artificial bu...



Acid Resistant Castable for High Temperature Kiln

Product introduction of acid resistant castable As for refractory fixtures, fire resistant cast iron is a mixture of refractory fixtures and does not require any cooking process to be used directly in the plant. The price of acid-resistant r...



Good Ladle Refractory Castable Steel Furnace

What is the best ladle refractory castable with steel furnace The ladle refractory castable is made of high-quality high alumina, corundum and high-quality magnesia as the main materials, and high-purity fused corundum as the main material. ...



Anti-corrosion Refractory Mortar

Product description of anti-corrosion refractory mortar Abrasion resistance refractory mortar, consisting of refractory aggregates, binders and additives, is the sealing material for the forming of products. Depending on the state of supply,...



Ceramic Insulation Fiber Paper

What is the ceramic insulation fiber paper The fiber ceramic paper is made of insulating ceramic fiber products with low slag ball content as raw materials, through the processes of beating, slag removal, slurry preparation, long mesh format...



Ladle Refractory Castable Ceramic Tunnel Kiln

What is the refractory material ladle refractory castable Ladle refractory castable is mainly made of high-quality bauxite, high-quality corundum and magnesium oxide. It is an undefined refractory, which is prepared by using micronized compo...



Ceramic Fiber Board for Cement Industry

What is the ceramic fiber board Refractory material ceramic fiber board is made of ceramic fiber cotton. It is mainly made of natural refractory materials and few organic binders. It maintains good mechanical strength even after heating. The...



Excellent Fire Resistance Ceramic Fiber Blanket

Product introduction of ceramic fiber blanket The ceramic fiber blanket is white in color, with regular size, integrating fire resistance, heat insulation and thermal insulation functions, and does not contain any binding agent. Ceramic fibe...



Ceramic Fiber Tube for Electric Industry

Product introduction of ceramic fiber tube Refractory material ceramic fiber tube mainly refers to the traditional textile production process. The aluminum silicate refractory fiber is spun into yarn, and the glass fiber or heat-resistant st...



Investigation of Key Projects in Xinmi City -- Kerui

At 13:00 on December 7, Chen Chunmei, secretary of Xinmi Municipal Party Committee, and Cheng Yang, mayor of Xinmi City, led the main leaders of the municipal government to visit Kerui Refractory Materials Co., Ltd. to visit the construction proj...



Non-Stick Aluminum Castable for Furnace

Product introduction of non-stick aluminum castable Refractory materials non stick aluminum castable is an ultra-low cement castable developed for aluminum and alloy industry, which is made of silicon carbide, fused corundum and bauxite as ...



What are the raw materials of refractory corundum?

Refractory raw material plate corundum, zirconium corundum introduction and electric fused corundum production process: Introduction of plate corundum:Is a pure, no additives such as MgO, B2O3 and other sintered corundum shrinkage thorough...