Refractory Brick Magnesia Chrome Brick

Product introduction of magnesia chrome brick Magnesia chrome brick belongs to alkaline refractory products, generally made of sintered magnesia (MgO content between 89% and 92%) and refractory grade chromium brick as raw material production...



High Pure Mullite Brick

Product introduction of mullite brick Mullite brick, as a good refractory material, has high hardness, high melting point and stable chemical properties. Mullite brick has high refractoriness, and its corrosion resistance to acid slag at hig...



Good Performance High Alumina Brick

Brief introduction of high alumina brick High alumina brick is a kind of refractory material, the main component of this refractory brick is Al2O3. High alumina brick is a neutral refractory containing more than 48% alumina. It is made of ba...



Good Performance Alumina Silicon Carbide Brick

Product description of alumina silicon carbide brick Alumina silicon carbide brick is made by special sintering process with super high bauxite, silicon carbide and mullite as main raw materials. The working layer is made of high quality sup...



Refractory Silica Insulation Brick

Product description of silica insulation bricks Silica insulation bricks are insulating silica refractory products with SiO2 content above 90% and bulk density less than 1.2g/cm³. The mineral composition of silica insulating refractory brick...



Good Thermal Stability Bubble Alumina Brick

Product description of Bubble Alumina brick Bubble Alumina brick, is made of bubble alumina and alumina powder as the main raw materials, combined with other binders, after 1750 degrees of high temperature firing. Bubble Alumina brick is a k...



High Temperature Strength Magnesia Chrome Brick

Product description of magnesia chrome brick Ordinary magnesia chrome bricks are generally produced with sintered magnesia (MgO content is 89%~92%) and refractory grade chrome ore as raw materials. Due to many impurities, the refractory grai...



Excellent Heat Resistance Magnesia Carbon Brick

Brief introduction of magnesia carbon brick Magnesia carbon brick it is to high temperature sintered magnesia sand or electrofused magnesia sand and carbon materials as raw materials, with a variety of carbon bonding agent made of non-burnin...



Silica Insulation Brick for Coke Oven

Product introduction of lightweight silica insulation brick The manufacturing method of light silica brick is similar to that of light clay brick. Grind ordinary silica to less than 1mm, add anthracite with ash content less than 10% (particl...



Electric Arc Furnace High Alumina Brick

Product introduction of high alumina brick The high alumina bricks for the top of the electric steelmaking furnace are made of selected bauxite clinker as the main raw materials, through high-pressure molding and high-temperature sintering. ...



Refractory Materials High Alumina Balls

Product introduction of high alumina refractory ball High alumina refractory ball, also known as spherical heat accumulator, has the remarkable characteristics of low shrinkage of refired line, high temperature load softening temperature, co...



Customer Made Magnesia Carbon Brick for Steel Furnace

Product introduction of magnesia carbon brick Magnesite carbon bricks are still widely used in the iron and steel metallurgy industry. The application of magnesite carbon bricks improves the technical and economic indicators of the converter...